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About Us


Mission Statement

Our number one goal as an individual and a team is to meet and exceed our customer’s security needs with the finest trained; best supervised and most motivated security officers in the industry. We will always relate to our customer's needs by providing site specific focus and ensuring that our client’s needs are above ours. We will never stop process improving until we become the most respected security company in the industry.

Vision Statement

  • To consistently excel in the design and delivery of comprehensive security services.

  • To routinely perform “above and beyond” in meeting the needs of each of our clients.

  • To remember that our clients are our life’s blood and our reason for existence. That serving them is not an imposition – it is the reason we are here.

  • To cultivate a working environment wherein our employees can fulfill their personal goals and maximize their professional growth.

  • To continuously improve the quality, quantity and value of our services through the efficient integration of meaningful client and employee relationship and contribution.

  • SC3-DVBE Security Services sees itself being the number one choice for all security needs throughout the entire Bay Area and growing state-wide.

  • We provide solutions, exceptional follow up and we seek to process improve every day.


One of SC3-DVBE Security Services’ core beliefs is that a proactive customer service philosophy allows us to provide a superior product to our client. Since its inception, SC3-DVBE Security Services has become known for exceeding our client’s expectations and re-defining what is expected of a security company. One of the greatest deterrents to crime is the presence of a proactive uniformed officer. By making customer service contacts with people we encounter, those inclined to commit crimes of opportunity know that they have been seen by and spoken to a professional who may be able to identify them later. This knowledge more often than not prevents the crime from ever occurring.

This proactive customer service attitude, coupled with our highly trained staff’s ability to intervene in crimes in progress, is a refreshing change from the traditional security model of “observe and report”. Our paradigm shift from the traditional to the modern, proactive community oriented private patrol operator has proven to be a resounding success with our clients.