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Employment Opportunities

Recruiting & Retaining a Diverse Workforce

Our company, Security Code Three, is dedicated to hiring a diverse group of San Jose security officers. A rich and positive mix of different ideas is what helps us continuously provide innovative improvement on the services that we offer. We are also always looking to expand our supplier base and partner with businesses that reflect the multicultural markets we serve. As we branch out using these diverse ideas, and strategies, our company is constantly creating a competitive advantage. In doing so, we are able to advance the best interests of employees, associates, stakeholders, clients, and communities that we serve.

If you meet the following criteria, you may be a perfect fit for our company:

  • Hard working, with a desire to innovate
  • Able to work in a diverse environment
  • Have experience in the security industry
  • Are a returning military veteran seeking employment

Call us at (866) 903-9111 (Toll-Free), (408) 978-9111 (San Jose) to learn more about employment opportunities at our company.


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