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School Security Officers in San Jose

Keeping Children Safe on Your Campus

Because of the level of resources and flexibility that we have at our disposal, our staff at Security Code Three is able to provide protections for nearly any scenario. This includes services for educational institutions. Whether you are looking for daily, on-site San Jose security officers within your school or a security team for an after school event, we can help. Our company has an extensive background in working with school administrations and districts, and we have earned a very positive reputation as a choice provider for campus security.

We offer high levels of:

  • Training for our San Jose security officers
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Supervision for children
  • Accountability measures

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As an educational provider, you are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the children that attend your institution. Simply going with the company that offers the lowest price is often not a wise choice, and can have serious consequences. It is imperative that you choose a top-notch security provider with a prominent standing in your local community. Learn how our well-respected and qualified security services can help your campus by calling us at (866) 903-9111 (Toll-Free), (408) 978-9111 (San Jose), or (510) 614-9111 (Oakland)!