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Shopping Center & Mall Security

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Creating an Inviting, Safe Atmosphere for Everyone

Shopping centers attract large crowds of customers every day, and demand unique attention from the security officers that are patrolling the premises. From store managers and owners to employees and shoppers, it is important to form a welcoming and safe atmosphere for everybody- both inside and outside of your building. Our officers at Security Code Three are well-disciplined and equipped with the necessary skills to handle all kinds of situations, while also maintaining a positive and enjoyable environment.

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Our San Jose security officers can provide:

  • Crowd control during events
  • Methods to effectively deter theft and vandalism
  • Quick response to criminal activity
  • Parking lot patrol
  • Assistance with emergency situations guard card training
  • Tenant and employee escorts
  • Foot and vehicle patrol
  • Daily written security reports
  • Daily notification of abandoned vehicles
  • Response to customer and tenant calls

We train our hand-picked staff to have a keen eye for detail and manage nearly any type of situation in your mall or shopping center. From possible shoplifting inside to outside loitering, our security officers are ready to take action at a moment's notice. Call us today at (866) 903-9111 (Toll-Free), or (408) 978-9111 (San Jose) and let us handle the security demands that your shopping complex requires!

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