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State-of-the-Art Technology

Security Products Customized to Your Location

At Security Code Three, we utilize high, up-to-date technology to help safeguard your property. This includes computerized protection, which can provide security assurance for little costs while reducing the need to have security officers physically present. We also provide custom made uniforms, new modeled vehicles, and numerous other state-of-the-art products and practices to keep your location safe 24/7.

Some of the leading technology that we implement includes:

  • ChekOne hardware and software
  • GPS radios
  • Vision cams
  • Touch probes
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Digital night vision
  • Digital fingerprinting
  • Electronic timekeeping and invoicing
  • Security scooters

Protect Your Data and Information Systems

Our San Jose security officers understand that the needs of each client or location are unique, and we can customize products and techniques to meet your requirements. When information and data stolen, it can have negative consequences for your personal identity or business operation. If you are concerned about your information systems, computer security, or information assurance, we can help you provide the additional security you need.

At Security Code Three, we can help ensure your data is:

  • Only disclosed to specified individuals
  • Kept secure for accuracy and integrity
  • Remains confidential for privacy purposes

No matter what type of information you store, our team can help prevent potential security breaches. Contact us at (866) 903-9111 (Toll-Free), or (408) 978-9111 (San Jose), to learn more about our security technology!