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BSIS Guard Card

commercial security near San Jose

healthcare security in San Jose

Guard Card = $45.00

Guard Card with Livescan = $114.00
Package Deal (All Classes including Livescan) = $580.00

Course Topics
BSIS Training:
Powers to Arrest
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) & Terrorism Awareness
Public Relations (Community & Customer)
Observation & Documentation
Communications and its Significance
Liability / Legal Aspects
Post Orders & Assignments
Employer Policies / Orientation
Evacuation Procedures
Officer Safety
Arrest, Search & Seizure (more advanced than PTA course)
Access Control
Laws, Codes, Regulations and Ordinances
First Aid / CPR
Work Place Violence
Chemical Agents
Preserving the Incident Scene
Crowd Control
Driver Safety
Courtroom Demeanor
Parking / Traffic Control
Radio Procedures