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Security Training

Security Code Threes' recruiting and training programs attract the most professional and motivated individuals in the industry. Each potential employee undergoes a rigorous screening process and only the exceptional are hired and trained. It is our goal to provide each employee with as much training as he or she desires in addition to the initial 8 hours of security training mandated by the Department of Public Safety. This initial “Level 1” training covers the basic security procedures including: ethics and professional conduct, uniform dress code and appearance policies, employee improvement communication forms, supervisor’s quality control inspection forms, radio operation policies, report writing, sexual harassment and company expectations. Our state of the art training facility utilizes power point and other technology to ensure courses are interactive and productive.

There is also room for instructors to conduct “hands on”, scenario based training at all levels. After completing the Level 1 training, new officers will be given a schedule where they will be assigned a post with a training officer for 16 hours. They will shadow the training officer on the post assigned for on the job training until the field training officer feels comfortable releasing more responsibility. After new employees have proved themselves for a period of no less than 90 days, they are eligible to receive more advanced training on a variety of law enforcement based topics. These advanced training programs are what separate Security Code Three from other security companies and why so many security officers seek employment with Security Code Three as a stepping stone to other law enforcement agencies. Our training programs are continually evolving to meet the needs of our ever-growing and diversified cliental and we’re confident that no matter what your security needs may be, we can develop a program and produce results exceeding your expectations.